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Tzvi Avni - Selected Works
Symphonic and chamber music
1) Programme music 1980
2) Prayer
3) Five Pantomimes
4) Beyond the Curtain
5) Meditations on a Drama
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (Zubin Mehta), The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (Lukas Foss), The Israel Chamber Orchestra (Gary Bertini), The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva (Mendi Rodan) and the New York Cantilena Piano Quartet. 74'25 IMI-CD-04
Love Under a Different Sun
A collection of five works for voice and various combinations (some with magnetic tape)
1) Beside the Depth of a River
2) Collage
3) Leda and the Swan
4) A Monk Observes a Skull
5) Love Under a Different Sun
Emily Berendsen, mezz. Sop.
Members of the Group for New Music, David Bloch, dir.
53'08 Symposium 1110 CD
Programme Music 1980
Three movements for symphony orchestra
1) The Machine Game
2) The Dream of the Broken Mirror
3) Magritte - A Dilemma?
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Zubin Mehta, cond.
14'33 Inak 9005 CD
Shaalu Shlom Yerushalayim
(Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem)
Fantasy for orchestra The World Orchestra of the Jeunesses Musicales, Yakov Kreizberg, cond. 12'52 SFB Jeunesses Musicales
Woodwind Quintet Quintet for fl., ob., cl., bn. and hn. The New Israeli Woodwind Quintet 16'02 MII-CD-24
Summer Strings (String quartet No. 1) String Quartet New Israel String Quartet 9'31 MII-CD-18
Mizmorei Tehilim (Psalms) Three Psalms for mixed choir The Cameran Singers, Avner Itai, cond. 6'20 MII-CD-12
Al Harachamim (On Mercy) Mixed choir, text by Yehuda Amihai The Cameran Singers, Avner Itai, cond. 4'40 MII-CD-12
Three Songs from the Song of Songs Voice and piano Raya Gonen, soprano,
Louis Menendez, piano
6'43 Centaur CRC2324
Three Little Night Songs Voice and piano, text by Lea Goldberg Rayha Gonen, soprano,
Louis Menendez, piano
4'46 Centaur CRC2324
Five Variations for Mr. K. Percussion and tape Oron Schwartz, percussion 13'12 JMC-CD-113
same as above Percussion and tape Stefan Eblenkamp 12'12" Amphion 3185
Piano Sonata No. 1 Piano solo Panina Salzman, piano 14'43 MII-CD-19
Epitaph (Piano sonata No. 2) Piano solo David Holzman, piano 18'48 Albany Records 283

same as above

Piano solo Tomer Lev, piano 19'25" Psanterin IMS 5
Vocal Jewels from Israel
1) Behold Thou art Fair (Song of Songs)
2) Three Little Night Songs (Lea Goldberg)
Raya Gonen 7'5"
Centaur CRC2324
Two Pieces for Four Clarinets
1) Three Aspects of Janus
2) No Exit
Namaste Clarinet Quartet 9'10" MPS CD-005
Wind in the West For mixed choir Neuer Kammerchor Potsdam, cond. Ud Joffe 5'42" VOCALISE C53261
A Day is Near (Karev Yom) Oboe and String Orchestra Ludwigsburger Jugend Musiziert 8'25" SACRAL SACD 9118
Cappricio Piano solo Allan Sternfield 4'10" Psanterin IMS 2
The Three-Legged Monster The Israel Chamber Orchestra Cond. J. Razel, Narrator Niza Saul (Hebrew) 27' Mabatone VT1