The Three Legged Monster


a musical legend for narrator, orchestra & piano (1965). Text by Hanna Yaddor-Avni, b"h. Optional illustrations to be projected at the performance by Lucy Elkivity. 24'


In this musical legend for narrator, orchestra, and piano, the twin violins Violi and Violo hear a story about a monster with a wing in the shape of a triangle that flies over the forest at night, casting an enormous shadow and producing strange noises. One morning they sneak out of the house and start a search for the monster. Whom do they meet on their way? Will they find the monster?

The answer lies in this wonderful story written by Hanna Yaddor-Avni and the attractive music composed by one of Israel's leading composers Tzvi Avni, with illustrations done by Lucy Elkivity.

The Three Legged Monster was premiered with great success on March 10, 1996 by the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gisele Ben-Dor.

The Hebrew version was premiered in Israel six months later by the Israel Chamber Orchestra. Since then it was successfully presented in San Diego by the Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra, at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida by the Israel Chamber Orchestra, with the author as narrator, by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra. The German premiere of the piece (Das Dreibeinige Monster) was given by the Saarland Radio Orchestra in December 2001.