Prayer for string orchestra (1962). IMI, 10'

Meditations on a Drama for chamber orchestra (1965). ACUM prize 1966. IMI, 15'

The Three Legged Monster, a musical legend for narrator, orchestra & piano (1965). Text by Hanna Yaddor-Avni. Optional illustrations to be projected at the performance by Lucy Elkivity, self-published, 24' - see commentary and artwork for this piece

Holiday Metaphors for symphony orchestra (1970). Commissioned by the IPO. Engel Prize 1973. IMI, 17'

By the Rivers of Babylon for symphony orchestra (1971, rev 1972). Commissioned by the ICO. IMI, 15'

On This Cape of Death for chamber orchestra after H.N.Bialik (1974). IMI, 12'

Torso two movements for symphonic orchestra (1977). IMI, 17’

Programme Music 1980 for symphony orchestra (1980). Commissioned by the JCO. IMI, 18'

Metamorphoses on a Bach Chorale for symphony orchestra (1985). Commissioned by the JCO. IMI, 18'

Desert Scenes, a symphony in three movements (1990). Commissioned by the IPO. IMI, 20'

Shaalu Shlom Yerushalayim (Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem), a fantasy for orchestra (1997). Commissioned by the World Orchestra of the Jeunesses Musicales. IMI, 12'

Holiday Fanfare for symphony orchestra (1998). IMI, 6'

Se Questo E Un Uomo (If This is a Man), a song cycle for soprano and orchestra on poems by Primo Levi (1998). IMI, 24'

The Ship of Hours four symphonic sketches after paintings by Mordechai Ardon (1999). Commisioned by the Saarland Radio Orchestra. IMI, 24'

Paths of Time for string orchestra (or string quartet) (2003). IMI, 12'

Bach Bamizrach Passacaglia on the theme in C minor by J.S. Bach (2006). Commissioned by the JSO. IMI, 5'

The New Middle East for symphony orchestra (2013). Commisioned by the Jerusalem Music Academy. IMI, 10'

Don Xichote,concerto for horn and orchestra in three movements (2015). Commissioned by the Camerata Jerusalem Orchestra. IMI, 20'



Two Psalms for oboe and strings (or string quartet) (1975). IMI, 10'

Mizmor for santour (or xylophone or marimba) and orchestra (1982). Commissioned by the IBA. IMI, 8'

Kaddish for cello (or clarinet, or violin) and strings (or piano) (1987/1991). Commissioned by the Jerusalem Chamber Orchestra. IMI, 7'

Karev Yom (A Day is Near), variations on Hassidic song for oboe (or clarinet) and string orchestra (1964, rearranged 2000). IMI, 9'

Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (2001). IMI, 18'

Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra (2010). Commissioned by the Duisburg Symphony Orchestra, dedicated to Heidrun Holtmann. IMI, 22'



Pastorale and Dance for clarinet and piano (1955/2003). IMI, 12'

Quintet for woodwinds (1959). IMI, 18'

Summer Strings: String Quartet No. 1 (1962), IMI, 10'


Two Pieces for Four Clarinets (1965). IMI, 8'

Silhouettes for flute and percussion (1966). IMI, 6'

Five Pantomimes for 8 players (fl, cl, hn, tpt, vla, db, pno, perc), based on paintings by Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, Dali, Klee (1968). Commissioned by the Israel Composers' Fund. IMI, 18'

De Profundis: String Quartet No. 2 (1969) Lieberson Prize 1970. IMI, 10'

Four Simple Pieces for flute and piano (1970). IMI, 7'

Epigram of David for harp and string quartet (1957). (ver. for string orchestra 1975). IMI, 15'

Beyond the Curtain for piano quartet (pno, vln, vla, vcl) (1979). Commissioned by the New York Cantilena Players. IMI, 15'

Tandu for two flutes (1982). IMI, 10'

Es wird etwas sein, später for baritone, percussion and string orchestra (2013). Text: Paul Celan. IMI, 20'

Saxophone quartet (1990). Commissioned by the Rascher Saxophone Quartet. MS, 14'

Fagotti Fugati duo for two bassoons (1991). 7'

Odekha Ki Anitani variations on a Sephardic tune for recorder ensemble (1992). Commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture. IMI, 10'

Odekha Ki Anitani new version for flute quartet (incl. piccolo, alto, and bass flutes) (1996). IMI, 10'

Controversies, seven dialogues for violin and cello (or a group of vlns and vlcs) (2002). IMI, 12'

Nocturne with Bees and Fireflies for plucked strings (2002). IMI, 8'

Paths of Time string quartet No. 3 (or string orchestra) (2003). IMI, 12'

Bridges for two violins (2004). IMI, 8'

Mirage after patintings by Joan Miro for violin, violoncello, double bass and piano (2005). IMI, 14'

Credo… for violin, viola, and violoncello (2007). Commissioned by the Offenburg String Trio. IMI, 12'


Hommage á Bloch sonata for cello and piano (2008). IMI, 10'

Quintet for clarinet and string quartet (2011). IMI, 22'



The Destruction of the Temple Dramatic vision based on paintings by Picasso, Chagal, Kandinsky, Dali and Klee for mixed choir and chamber orchestra (1968). Text: Baruch’s Vision (Apocrypha). Comm. by Testimonium. IMI, 12'

Jerusalem of the Heavens, allegoric fantasy for mixed choir and orchestra (1968). Text: Kabbalah (Aramaic). Commissioned by Testimonium. IMI, 10'

All the Time for women’s or children’s choir and piano (1997). Text: Amir Gilboa. IMI, 5'

Deep Calleth unto Deep (Psalms 129, 42, 117) Cantata for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (or organ) (1989). Commissioned by the Tel Aviv Philharmonic Choir. IMI, 18'

Apropos Klee, four pieces for mixed choir, piano, clarinet, and bass clarinet (one player) and percussion (one player) on paintinfs by Paul Klee (2000). 17' – see commentary and artwork for this piece



Mizmorei Tehilim (Psalm canticles) for mixed choir (1967). Commissioned for the 1967 Zimryia. IMI, 7'

On Mercy [Al Harahamim] (1973). Text by Y. Amihai. IMI, 5'

Three Madrigals (1978). Text by Lea Goldberg. Commissioned by the Boston Zamir Chorale. IMI, 10'

Upon the High Cymbals [satb] (1981). MS, 6'

Teach Me My Lord for female choir [s1, s2, alto] (1982). Text by Lea Goldberg. MS, 6'

Wind in the West [satb] (1984). Text: Japanese Haiku. Commissioned by the Youth Choral Workshop. IMI, 5'

A Clock in the Clouds [satb] (1985). Text by Y. Shavit. Commissioned by the 1985 Zimryia. IMI, 8'

The City Plays Hide and Seek for female choir (1986). Text by Y. Amihai. Commissioned by the Youth Choral Workshop. IMI, 6'

A Song of Degrees (Psalm 120) [satb] (1986). IMI, 6'

Makhelorka, three songs for female (or children's) choir (1992). Text: poems by F. G. Lorca. Commissioned by the Youth Choral Workshop. IMI. 9'

Halleluya for mixed choir (satb) (1993). MS, 6'

Poems and Melodies for mixed choir (in memoriam Yitzhak Rabin) (1995). Text by Natan Zach. Commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture. IMI, 5'

Kol Hazman (The Entire Time) for female choir & piano (1997). Text by Amir Gilboa. Commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture. IMI, 6'

Hodaya (Thanksgiving) for mixed choir (1997). Text by A. Shlonsky. Commissioned by the Toronto Jewish Music Society. IMI, 5'

A Wind Has Blown the Rain Away for mixed choir, (2000). Text by E.E. Cummings. IMI, 5'

The Lord is My Sheperd motet for mixed choir (2007). Text: Psalm 23. IMI, 4’

A Time for Everything for mixed choir (2008). Text: Ecclesiastes 3. IMI, 7'



Three Songs from “Song of Songs” for soprano or tenor and piano (1957), version for voice and chamber orchestra (1957). IMI, 7'

Behold Thou Art Fair three songs for soprano (med) and piano (1957). Text: Song of Songs. IMI, 7'

Three Little Night Songs for soprano and piano (1957). Text by Lea Goldberg. IMI, 5'

By the Depth of a River for mezzo-soprano and piano (1969-75). Text by Mati Katz. IMI, 10'

Leda and the Swan for soprano (or mezzo) and clarinet (1976). Quasi text by the composer. IMI, 8'


Love Under a Different Sun, five songs for mezzo-sopr, fl, vln, vlc (1982). Texts: folklore from various Mideastern and African tribes, translated into Hebrew by Rina Shani. IMI, 14'

Three Lyric Songs on Paul Celan's Poems for mezzo-soprano, English horn & harp (1991). Text: Paul Celan. IMI, 8'

Three Ladino Songs, arrangement for voice & piano (1995). Texts: Ladino folklore. EME, 10'

The Night Breathes Velvet, two nocturnes and intermezzo for soprano, piano and flute (1999). IMI, 10'

Feste Shtilkeit (Deep Silence), three Yiddish songs for alto and percussion (2003). Text by A. Halfi (translated into Yiddish by B. Kopstein). IMI, 9'

Reflection three songs for soprano (mezzo-soprano) and piano (2004). IMI, 10'

Vision of the Prophets for soprano and clarinet (2013). Text: Yaacov Bousidan. IMI, 5'



Cappriccio for piano (1955, rev. 1975). IMI, 4'

Piano Sonata No. 1 in three movements (1961). IMI, 4'


Chaconne for harp (1962). IMI, 5’

Elegy for solo cello (1967). IMI, 5’

Echoes from the Past for clarinet (1970) IMI, 6’

Epitaph piano sonata No. 2 (1979). ACUM publication prize. IMI, 17'

On the Verge of Time piano sonata No. 3 (1983). Commissioned by the Tel Aviv Foundation for Culture and Literature. IMI, 12'

Vitrage for harp (1990). Commissioned for the 1991 International Harp Competition. IMI, 7'

Triptych for piano (1993). Commissioned by the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition. IMI, 10'

Anthropomorphic Landscape No. 1 for flute (1996). IMI, 5'

Anthropomorphic Landscape No. 2 for oboe (1996). IMI, 6'

Anthropomorphic Landscape No. 3 for clarinet (1997). IMI, 6'

From There and Then prelude and pasacaglia for piano (1994-8). IMI, 8'

La Plus Que Breve for clarinet (1998). IMI, 1'

Yizkor for flute solo (2000). IMI, 4'

From my Diary, five movements for piano (2001). IMI, 14'

Phoenix for viola solo (2001). IMI, 8'

Triptych three monologues for bassoon (2002). IMI, 6'

Three Pieces for cello (2003). IMI, 7'

There was a Man, elegy for French horn (2004) in memoriam Uri Adelman. IMI, 3'

Intermezzo for double bass (2006). IMI, 5'

Nigunim for Hanne'le for clarinet or bass clarinet (2006). IMI, 6'

Autumn Interludes for piano (2006). IMI, 17'

Pas de Deux for violin and piano (2006). IMI, 10'

Prelude and Scherzo for flute or piccolo (2000/2007?). IMI, 5'

Fantasy for harp (2010). Commisioned by The International Harp Competition. IMI, 7'

Kol for solo violin. Dedicated to Kolja Lessing. IMI, 7'

In Spite of All That, sonata brevis for piano (2014). Commissioned and premiered by Heidrun Holtman. IMI, 13'



Vocalise (1964). Vox - Turnabout Rec, 6'


Collage (1967) for Voice (Mez.), fl, perc(1) & Tape. Text: Yehuda Amihai IMI, 8'

Lyric Episodes for oboe and tape (1972). Commissioned by the Bat-Sheva Dance Company. MS, 10'


Synchromotrask for female voice, tape and a door (1976). Text by the composer. Commissioned by the IBA. MS, 12'

A Monk Observes a Skull for mezzo-sopr., vcl, tape (1981). Text by Asher Reich. Inspired by El Greco. MS, 8'

Five Variations for Mr. K. for percussion instruments (1) and electroacoustic tape (1983/2002). IMI, 12'